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Meet your Assessment Team

Mark is your Nunda Township Assessor. Mark was elected your Nunda Township Assessor effective January 1st, 2018 and has been employed by the Nunda Township Assessor’s office since 1988. He carries an advanced designation with the Illinois Property Assessment Institute and is a member of the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Deputy Assessors
Heidi, and Eric, are experienced in Real Property Assessment and Mass Appraisal Valuation. Nunda Township Deputies carry the designation of Certified Illinois Assessing Officers, which were obtained thru the Illinois Property Assessment Institute, both deputies participate in annual continuing education as required.

Data Collection
Mary coordinates our residential data collection. Mary has been with the Nunda Township Assessors office since 2002 and is very familiar with the many neighborhoods in the township. Mary spends most of her time in the field following up on building permits, measuring and listing property characteristics, speaking with property owners and updating property record cards etc.

Office Support Staff
Lisa, Jorge, and Katie complete your Nunda Township Assessment Team. Much of Lisa’s time is spent processing Real Estate Transfer Declarations, Building Permits, and generating reports for use by team members. In addition, Lisa is typically your first contact when either phoning or visiting the office.
Jorge and Katie are currently furthering their education at McHenry County College and help in the office on a Part Time basis.
The support staff is a key source in the verification of details in the transfers of properties that occur in the Township as well as helping residents when applying for exemptions as well as lending support to the rest of the team completing various tasks.

The Nunda Township taxpayers should be very confident in the assessment team that has been assembled to serve their needs. I believe it is one of the BEST in the county and we will strive to continue to improve and provide the taxpayers with the best possible service. Each of these positions are vital components that help to achieve the timely completion of the annual assessment cycle.