Benefit Access:

The Illinois Department on Aging offers a program for seniors or persons with Disablilities for help paying for:

Seniors Free Transit Ride
Person with Disabillities Free Transit Ride
Secretary of State License plate discount

To be determined eligible for these benefits, you must submit a Benefit Access Application on the Internet. Paper applications are not available. Assistance applying is available at the Township. Call 815-459-4011 for an appointment or apply online at


Important qualification questions for Benefit Access Program:

1. Do you live in Illinois?

2. Is your income less than:

$27,610 for a one person household?

$36,635 for a two person household?

$45,657 for a three person household?

3. Are you:

16 years of age and disabled?

65 years or older?


Please call the Nunda Township Supervisor's Office with any questions: (815) 459-4011


Visit for more information