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General Assistance

Nunda Township General Assistance Fund

  Under certain State Statues, Township Supervisors are mandated to provide financial assistance to the needy residents of their township. The “General Assistance Funding” comes entirely from local real estate taxes.
  There are 2 basic types of assistance that we can provide. A monthly grant to supplement the recipient's income; emergency assistance for such things as utility bill shut off notices, eviction notices, and gas/food.
The rules governing who is qualified and the type and amount of assistance are generally set by the Illinois Department of Public Aid. A key element to all general assistance is confidentiality. Only the Township Supervisor and the caseworker are aware of the recipient's name. There are no checks written directly to a recipient. The criteria for eligibility are quite specific and start with the completion of the attached application.
There are many social services available in the County. The Township is only one and we try to guide people to the other services if we can not help.

General Assistance Application

Possible Sources of Financial Assistance and Resources


Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.
400 Russell Court
Woodstock , IL . 60098


       Prairie State is a “not-for-profit” legal aid office that helps low income families and individuals solve many civil legal problems. The cases most commonly taken by Prairie State are landlord/ tenant and mortgage foreclosure matters; disability and healthcare issues such as Medicaid, Medicare, and S.S.I (Social Security). Also, public benefits such as food stamps, general assistance, domestic violence issues and senior citizen matters. For more information, please call the prairie State Office in Woodstock at 1-800-942-3940

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