Nunda Township Cemeteries 


Ridgefield , Holcombville, Prairie Grove, and McMillan


These are the names of the four cemeteries owned by the residents of Nunda Township in McHenry County . Ridgefield and Holcombville, both established in 1835, and Prairie Grove, established in 1869, were community cemeteries that were started by early settlers and named for the small villages in which they were located. McMillan. established in 1839, was a family owned cemetery. As the years went by, in order to provide proper maintenance, and to insure perpetuity, the cemeteries were, one by one, deeded over to the Township, for the benefit of all the Township residents. The fee (which has not changed for years, and is not expected to change) is $200 per plot. This includes perpetual care. Lawn mowing, weed control, and perimeter trimming is provided by a professional lawn care firm. The cemeteries are continually monitored by a three member Board, and the Township Supervisor. Improvements are always being made. For example, benches, new signs, and new flagpoles were installed. Thanks to an adjacent property owner, land was donated to Holcombville. This land was used to provide for a new entrance and parking area. The old chain link fences which surround each cemetery are gradually being replaced by more appropriate decorative wrought iron fencing or new black chain link fence.

The cemeteries are not only places of beauty and dignity, but they are also an important piece of history. From the early settlers, through Civil War veterans, to more recent members of the community, they remind us of those who have contributed to the growth and vitality of our Township and County.