McMillan Cemetery

  James McMillan Came to McHenry County in 1839 with his young wife and son. He obtained a government patent on this land. The first Known Burial was the son of Darius Reynolds, a nearby farmer, but the prolific McMillan family and their relatives by blood and marriage are the vast majority here. It is a little difficult to sort out the relationships but it appears that James and Samuel McMillan were brothers who settled here about the same time and both are interred here. The cemetery was maintained by the McMillan Family until 1977 when it was deeded over to Nunda Township . Lots 15 and 28 in block 4 were reserved for potter's field burials. The original entrance was on the west side, along RT. 31, until heavy traffic adjoining the highway made it prudent to install gates along Gracy Road.

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