1) The meeting is called to order.

2) Pledge of Allegiance.

3) Roll Call

4) Supervisor's remarks.

5) Review of the minutes of the regular board meeting of Tuesday, June 12, 2007.Minutes of the special 2007-2008 Budget Hearing for, GA, Cemetery Funds of Tuesday, June 12, 2007. Minutes of the Special 2007-2008 Budget Hearing for all Road and Bridge Funds of Tuesday, June 12, 2007.

6) Review of the June, 2007 Cash Flow/Interest Spread.

7) Receipts for the month of June, 2007.

8) HRA Account Reconciliation.

9) Presentation of claims of the Supervisor and Highway Commissioner for audit and/or approval for payment for July 10, 2007, and Additional Bills.

10)Ordinance NO.06-12-07-03 Adoption of Open Space plan.

11) Amending Resoltuion dated August 8, 2006.Designating Depositories for Funds and other Public Monies in the custody of the Nunda Township Supervisor.

12) Reports by the Highway Commissioner, Town Clerk, Assessor and Trustees.

13) New Business.

14) Old Business.

15) Questions from the floor?

16) Executive Session.

17) Adjournment.